LipoMax Sculp Treatment

It is important to understand that the LipoMax Sculpt treatments are not and should not be considered a cure or treatment for any disease. Clients with medical conditions must provide a written consent from their doctor. The LipoMax Sculpt treatments must always be performed on a healthy skin.


Treatment sessions

Treatments can be stand alone, or can be combined with other procedures for improved results.

A series of treatments is recommended based on the client’s age and the severity of the condition.

There must be a 48 hour waiting period between treatments.

Normally, a total of two treatments per week is performed.

Each treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes.



Treatments must be performed on a healthy skin free of pathogens or infections.

All medical conditions must be referred to a physician.

The focalized electromagnetic induction treatments must not be performed on patients with the following conditions:


Major surgery

Cerebrovascular disease (stroke)

Menstrual cycle


Metal implants

Heart disease



Pregnancy or nursing


Uncontrolled diabetes

Infectious disease

Uncontrolled hypertension

Intrauterine device (IUD)

Wounds on the skin



Recommendations for the Client:

Avoid eating or drinking during the session, and once the treatment ends wait one hourbefore eating.

Avoid overeating.

Drink water one hour after the treatment has ended.

Avoid eating foods that are spicy or that can irritate the stomach.

Avoid using saunas or hot baths during the three days following the treatment session.

Make sure to keep the skin hydrated and apply a product with sun protection factor (SPF).

Advise the client that after the treatment he/she could feel soreness around the treatedarea, similar to an intense workout.